Top 4 of the apps to have in Copenhagen!

This is always a very exciting part of my travel preparations. I just love to scroll on the Internet to make sure I get all the useful apps to make the most of my trip! But don’t think these apps are only for tourists, nope, most of them are also really great for people living in Copenhagen.

  • Too Good To Go

The app is one of my favourite ever. It gives you access to a list of restaurants, bakeries and other types of food providers that decided to join the app to fight food waste. The concept of the app is for restaurants to put the unsold products of the day in a box, and to sell this box on the app for a much cheaper price than an actual meal there!

The great point is that for most of them, you get way enough food for two people with only one box, for as cheap as 3-5€ (20-40kr). Some of them are a buffet, in which case you’re given an empty box that you can fill up by yourself, choosing the dishes straight from the buffet at closing time and fitting as much as you can in the box. Save money and fight food wasting at the same time!

IMG_5772.PNG IMG_5770.PNG IMG_5773.PNG

  • Heaps Drinks

This app is my absolute favourite of all time. You wanna get cheap but yet amazing nights out, cocktails, and drinks in general? Go ahead and download it! For 49kr (6.59€), you’ll get access to several bars in the city center (and a few around) from which you can choose 1 among 3 drinks…for free! No, there is no trap. You pay 49kr a month, and you get one free drink/cocktail every day in the bar of your choice. Some offer wine glasses, some cocktails, some beers, some shot glasses: it all depends on your tastes. You can find my favourite bars and cocktails here.

Of course, being clubs/cocktail bars, most of them open on relevant days (Thursdays, Saturday, Sundays), but even if you were to go only once a week, it is still totally worth it. Actually, considering that the normal price for a cocktail is between 95 and 120kr, you could go once every two months and still make it worth it. Just sayin’…

If you wanna try the app 14 days for free, you can use my invite code: Maylis#22. Make sure you type it before entering your payment info! When I downloaded the app, I first entered my card and lost the chance to enter my friend’s code.

IMG_5774.PNG IMG_5777.PNG


  • DOT – Mobilbilletter

This app is a must for those who don’t have a Rejsekort (tourists, bikers) and occasionally have to commute, or commuter cardholders who need a ticket extension. It is cheaper than a normal ticket and super practical. On the app, you can purchase “mobile tickets” that are valid for 1h15 within the zones you have purchased. If your ticket expires during your trip, you are allowed to finish your ride, but can’t change transport. Just show your phone with the ticket on it when you get on the bus and show it to the DSB agent if you get controlled.

It is valid for any transportation mean (bus, metro, S-Train, RE) and you can buy it from anywhere. If you don’t know how many zones you need to get to this or that place (like me 99% of the time), you can search your itinerary and it will find the ticket you need. You can also save your credit card, which is really useful when you need to buy several tickets a day – or are in a super rush, e.g metro arriving in 30 sec or already there.

IMG_5781.PNG -> This screenshot isn’t DOT app, it’s Rejseplanen, but it shows you the different prices/tickets you can buy for a given itinerary. As you can see, after the Rejsekort, the Mobile app is the cheapest.

IMG_5779.PNG IMG_5814.PNG

  • Rejseplanen

This one is a classic and won’t save you any money, but it will sure save you a lot of time! This is the transports app of Copenhagen. We have tried Google Maps, and it is fine, but the schedules are not really accurate, so if you need a reliable commuter planner, just go for Rejseplanen. The app is in English, easy to use, and there is an option that you can tick if you need to carry your bike (it will also cut off some parts of the journey during which you can bike). It will also give you the price of your journey and warn you against delays and construction sites that affect your route.

IMG_5815.PNG IMG_5782.PNG


I hope you will now make the most of your time in Copenhagen, treat yourself with awesome food and drinks and commute smart!

What are your absolute favourite apps for Copenhagen? Any special app to get more awesome deals? Share it in the comments, and don’t forget to give the article a like if you found it useful! 

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