Last minute Christmas presents for her!

If you are like me, you like to do things at the last minute (or you just completely forgot to take care of it). Now Christmas is in a few days and you don’t have time to order a super cool personalised gift that you ship from the other side of the world. Crap! Fortunately, I made for you the perfect list of last-minute gifts that will save your Christmas (and relationship)!

  • A massage is always a good idea! 

Who wouldn’t enjoy a good and relaxing massage, especially in the cold roughness of December? This idea can be exceptionally thoughtful if the person is having a stressful time and could use some time care moments. You can always check out websites such as Groupon and print the coupon, or call your local beauty/massage institute to book a back rub, body or facial care. Manicure also work!

What to look for? Try to think of what type of care session would be the most appropriate for her. A good treatment is an adapted treatment. For example, don’t get an ultra-moisturizing face care to someone with oily skin! But no worries, if you know the person well enough, you will know how to please her. And if you don’t, you can always ask at the institute what she usually does, or a gift card with which she can choose among pre-selected cares.

  • A basic: jewels! 

Many women appreciate receiving jewels. Whether it’s your best friend, mother, sister or loved one, you can always stop by a couple of jewellery stores to choose a beautiful piece.


What to look for? Something that matches your relationship, but not too much. Remember that the person has to wear it, make it match her clothes, etc. Try to spot what jewels she usually wears, it is important that she can match them with what she already has. For example, if she only wears silvery things, don’t buy a gold bracelet! If she never wears earrings, go for a necklace! My advice is to go to her favourite jewellery store. Chances are that she knows the seller pretty well, in which case you can ask for personalised advice.

  • Makeup, makeup, makeup…

If your girl likes makeup, go for it! Palettes, lipsticks, nail polish, highlighter… I’m always so happy when I receive makeup.

What to look for? Once again, you have to know her well. Does she wear lipstick? Matte, glossy? Flashy colours, nude shades? Make sure to check her collection before buying so that you don’t buy a duplication. If you can’t, ask her surroundings! A safe bet is a brand that she already owns or that you know she would like to try, but you can also check the best-selling product on Sephora’s website to get inspiration! If you are unsure, you can always go for a Sephora gift card or even an envelop that she can spend at her favourite store. Which leads me to the next one…

  • Gift cards save lives! 

A lot of shopping malls offer a global gift card that can be used in any store in the mall. Do you know her favourite place to go shopping? Check out if they offer one!

What to look for? A shopping mall that has enough choice in the store or that you know she loves. Bonus point if you then go with her, carry her bags, watch her fittings, and get her a lovely snack time there: you get her presents that she will keep, and you offer her quality time with you. Lucky girl!

  • Think books!

I am so happy Amazon Prime offers free trials. With the express delivery, if you order today or tomorrow, you will have it in time for the 24th! They have so much to choose from: books, devices, clothes, makeup, skin care…


What to look for? If you know she loves to read, or if she has a particular passion, look for the perfect book for her. If she loves thriller, check out the best-sellers of the moment! If she’s passionate about cooking, get her a best-selling cooking book! I always love to receive a book. You can also go to your local bookshop and walk across the alleys or ask for advice.

  • Offer her quality time with herself

You know what I love to receive? “Treat yourself” baskets! A couple of bath bombs (I love the ones from Lush), an original facial mask (once again, Lush is the best!), a massage oil (only if you are down to make it worth it!), bath salts, good smelling shower gel, bathroom friendly candles, body scrub, etc. Just go to your closed shopping street, find a Lush, Sephora, beauty institute, perfumery and even grocery store and pick some small treating items. In 2 hours it’s all done!


What to look for? Make sure to verify whether she has a shower or a bathtub at home! Find a cool box with a beautiful wrapping, a cute card where you write a couple of nice words. Love in a box!

Here, now you have tons of ideas to keep yourself busy before the weekend, and you will for sure make someone really happy. Merry Christmas! 

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