My 2018 resolutions

Hey there! I usually never make resolutions for New Years, because I think I’m happy as I am and I will probably not hold onto them anyway. But last year was a little different.

Last year, I’ve taken control of my life by moving to a new country, moving in with my boyfriend and starting my studies again. I have learned to take care of a house, I have learned what it means to study for yourself, I have learned what it’s like to look for a job, do groceries, miss my relatives, handle couple daily life. I’ve learned a lot.

And a the end of the year, I have started this blog, because I realised that I had forgotten how good it felt to write. It helps get yourself together, among other things. It relieves your bad feelings. So yeah, for 2018, I’ve decided to keep going on with choosing the right life path and make some good resolutions.

  1. Keep up with the workout: this is not big news, I’ve been working out a lot outside my exam periods and I practice synchronised swimming twice a week, but hey, my good resolution can be to keep doing good stuff right?!
  2. Make “couple friends”: I’m tired of always choosing between my school friends or spending the evening with my boyfriend. So we decided to make an effort and make new friends, that are close to both of us, not my friends that he gets along with or his friends that I like. Real common friends.
  3. Visit 3 new countries: here there’s a little twist. If it’s a country we’ve already been to, but in a new city/region, it’s okay. Like, we both spent a lot of time in Spain and France, but always in the same places. Time to start planning our next trip!
  4. Take walks: we have a beautiful lake just 3min away by bike. It’s such a shame that we went once. Well, on our side, the weather is pretty bad over here, daily rain doesn’t encourage much. But at least on sunny days, or let’s say once a week, we should go outside just to be outside, not just to do the groceries or go to school.
  5. Call my family: it sounds easy, I know. But we never find matching slots to call, so we only text, and when we end up calling we spend two hours on the phone to catch up. I’ll try to call my family once a week from now on, and I’m already looking forward to feeling closer to them!
  6. One summer = one road trip: I’m gonna have to negotiate a little more with my boyfriend for this one… I love road trips, he doesn’t! But I think they’re a great way to disconnect from the stress of the year, re-focus on our relationship and discover less crowded places.

For me, that’s it. It’s not many compared to other people, and they may not sound very ambitious, but I’d be very proud if I actually manage to hold onto them.

What are your resolutions? I’m a first timer so I would love to get inspired!

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  1. Those are all such great resolutions, especially the one about taking walks and exploring your surroundings.. When I first moved to Cairo, I lived about a 10-minute walk from the Nile but it took me nearly a year to discover how close I was and how to get there (through sidestreets) 😀

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  2. OMG I love the first and the sixth. Road trips, yes please! And Couple Friends seems like such a nice idea. Love the post. May you keep up with your resolutions and live a much happier life.
    Peace ❤

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