5 things to do when single for Valentine’s Day!

You’re probably more than tired of it, it follows you everywhere: heart-shaped chocolates at the grocery store, red and pink cute items all over your favourite shops, special offers every day in your mailbox for a month now… Yeah, you got it. Valentine’s Day is coming.

But for you, it sounds more like the celebration of happy couples’ victory on your sad and lonely life. Well, I’m happy to tell you, YOU ARE FAR FROM BEING ALONE! And Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to celebrate love, care and friendship. Love is not exclusively reserved for lovers, is it? Are there even rules?

Of course not.

That’s why I have decided to prepare a list for you single ones out there to have the absolute best Valentine’s Day! There are only 2 days left until the 14th of February, but don’t worry. It’s never too late to plan a fun night! 

  • Do you have single friends? Love each other!


Organise an anti-couples night! Gather your single friends, offer them to invite a single friend of theirs as well, and have fun all together. No couples allowed! Unless bae is far away, of course. Have a nice dinner, some drinks and go out! Have fun! Enjoy being together, and having each other! 

  • Take care of yourself

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate affection. But who said it had to be towards someone else? A golden rule in life is: love yourself. So come on, treat yourself.


Pick your favourite movie (not romantic, please, this is not Depression’s Day), order food/take away from this little restaurant that you love, pour yourself a bath with bombs and candles, whatever you feel like, do it. It’s called “me time”, it’s selfish, and it feels incredibly good. Who said selfish was a bad word? 

  • Single best friends? Golden Valentine’s Day! 

Instead of spending the night crying over your phone to your bestie “Why am I singleeeeeeeee?” and exchange your most nostalgic memories with your ex, get together and have fun! Go to the spa, finish the day off with a good restaurant, talk girls talks, no guys, no worries, no loneliness! 


  • No one to gift you? Who needs someone anyway?

Send yourself a present! This little dress that you had spotted last week? Deliver it to your house, or buy it at the store and ask for a wrapping. Mail flowers to yourself! Flowers are beautiful, they make your home happier and healthier. You don’t need anyone to get them for you. 


  • Feeling adventurous? Get yourself a (one night?) Valentine! 

There are so many dating apps out there. Have you ever used one? Being on a dating app doesn’t mean you’re desperate. It means that you’re confident enough to admit you’d like to meet someone. And you know what? That’s the exact reason why so many people are on dating apps as well!

So, leave your shyness at home, and ask this guy who you just matched with out. Or that guy you’ve been talking to for ages but never dared to ask on a date. Hey look, it doesn’t even need to be a date. You’re single, he’s single, you guys can spend Valentine’s Day together. It can be fun. Really. 


Being single is not a flaw, especially on Valentine’s Day. It might most commonly be dominated by lovers, but come on single ladies, it’s time to take Valentine’s Day back.

So, who are you gonna spend this Saint Valentine with? Do you have any plans? 

Cover photo: ©Rawpixels.com – pexels.com
Friends photo: ©Helena Lopes – pexels.com
Food in bed photo: ©Picjumbo – pexels.com
Pool photo: ©Toni Cuenca – pexels.com
Flowers photo: ©Lukas –pexels.com
Date photo: ©Jodie DS –pexels.com


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