Top 3 of my favourite cocktail bars in Copenhagen!

Since we moved here, 3 months ago, my boyfriend and I made sure to find the cosiest bars for our date nights. Here is a list of our favourite ones so far:

  • Skarv: a Feroese club that offers great cocktails and a cozy atmosphere until 1am, then it turns into an all-night-long nightclub. We always go earlier, between 8 and 11, and find it perfect for a date night. The barman is adorable and the music never gets on top of your voice. Our favourite cocktail is the “Bramble” (gin, blackberry and lemon juice), but the “Passion Delight” (vodka, passion fruit, sugar syrup and lemon juice) is also to die for!


IMG_5556.JPG      IMG_5137.JPG

  • Bootleggers: a cocktail bar upstairs and beer cellar downstairs. We haven’t been downstairs, but the decoration of the upper bar is amazing: retro settings, vintage sofas, flowers on the tables, industrial lamps. The music is rather elecro swing, perfect if you’re a fan of Caravan Palace! If you don’t like it, it’s fine too, the music is not loud and leaves plenty of space for conversations. If you want to get a chance to have a table, we recommend that you go before 9pm.  We always try different cocktails there and always end up very surprised by their original compositions (I’d say their specialty is bubbly cocktails)!

FullSizeRender-1.jpg      IMG_5647.JPG   IMG_5263.JPG

  • The Jane: another very atypical bar with amazing cocktails. You enter this basement and find yourself in an old city apartment, with candles, VERY soft lightening (don’t go there for your Instagram pictures!) and books on the shelves. Very intimate tables for romantic evenings, but also bigger tables and dance floor are available for a night out with your friends! Again, if you wanna get a table, you better show up before 9pm. Our favourite cocktails are equally the “Janes Passion” (Vodka, vanilla, passion fruit), and the “Liquorice Clover Club” (Gin, raspberry and lemon juice).



If you wanna know how on Earth we can afford so many cocktails in only three months here, check out my article about the must-have apps in Copenhagen!

Let me know what are your favourite bars in Copenhagen in the comments! I’ll make sure to check them out! 

Cover photo: ©Alem Sánchez –



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